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Drone Valley International (DVI) is a cluster of stakeholders acting as cross-industry facilitators for any drone approach regardless the sector or application field. DVI pretends to be The HUB where stakeholders collaborate and business opportunities are transformed into profitable businesses.


Drone Valley International creates a worldwide drone ecosystem supporting & catalyzing drones initiatives. Investing in Think Tank , Education, R&D, Industrial, Civil, Spatial defense applications, Diplomatic and international business.  We are a cluster with the aim to boost the UAVs and RPAs sector by putting together relevant stakeholders but also from other necessary industries such as IoT, Robotics, Energy, etc…


Today we specialize in optimizing your effort and time invested on the task of seeking, representing and positioning in the market breakthrough ideas as well as for the connection with stakeholders and potential partners from all over world.

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  • We will always talk about what we know. We are experts in many fields but don’t hold the world’s knowledge. That’s why we support ourselves in our community: stronger together.
  • We are willing to invest in networking, community and relationships, knowing that the difference between a contact and a contract is the “R” that stands for “Relationship.
  • We listen more than we speak. Understanding customer’s needs and finding a solution is our job and we always ask our clients why they want something done. In listening more than talking, we can better accommodate what you are looking for.
  • We see problems as opportunities. If you don’t have any problems to solve, it means you don’t have any value.
  • We invest in our education, development and personal motivation. This is all a mutual investment: If we take care of ourselves, we would be more valuable for the community.
  • We are constantly in think, plan and prepare mode in order to continue to build our members base and keep our pipelines full. You can’t ever have an “off” button.

Our international vocation is dedicated to build trust and boost competitiveness by seeking synergies and the development of innovative projects for the purpose of providing strategics answers against contemporary needs to better improve the environmental sustainability, cohesion, and quality of life of our communities.

Daring the change, requires not only excellent ideas but also excellent and disruptive projects and partners. DVI is the most innovative international drone cluster with its core partner Think Tank (25,000 international members) & its own key-worldwide key players. We support the premise that the ideas can not be ignored by having the vocation of building a business group based on innovation promotion entities, Startups, Universities, Blue chips…, each one with different focus of specialization in order to match demands from the Industry and to promote own developments to boost the actual technological innovation sector.

Our philosophy is not based on pure profit for profit but to act on a circular way involving as many actors as needed to ensure the excellence of the outcome.

Drone Valley prepares its members for the expect growth of the market and empower their competitiveness by prospecting business opportunities and foresee new disruptive business models adapted to the innovation that leads the change

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Check out the long list of benefits of becoming a member


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You can find us here:


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