We are committed to your success

Our team will assist you acquiring new customers and selling additional products or services to improve your market position and achieve an economic growth. Drone Valley International will help you defining long-term strategic goals, build key customer relationships, identify business opportunities, negotiate and perform business deals.

B2B - B2Gov

We will work on:
  • Identifying new sales leads
  • Approach potential clients and set up meetings
  • Defining long-term strategic goals
  • Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives

Unlike the usual and wide-spread B2B (Business to Business), we work with the client to achieve a specific outcome durable and long-lasting in time instead of focusing on spot deals, what we call the new B4B model.

business meeting


We will assist you in this venture and help you:

  • Landing in a new market
  • Evaluating success study cases with own and external market forecasts
  • Engaging with local stakeholders and building strategic alliances

We put our network at your disposal so you can find the local partner that best suits your needs and is in line with your growth plans and roadmap of actions.


We will help you dealing with restrictive markets, Public Administration bodies, Trade Unions or lobbies.

Let us be your partner all the way long!

EU Representation

The vehicle for your message: we can attend on your behalf to the different meetings, info days, brokerage events, etc representing your interests and come back to you with the outcomes.

We will provide you good track for your records to inform you excellent/properly.


Use our Brussels office! We understand that the fixed costs of having a permanent office are quite high and sometimes without a clear ROI (Return-On-Investment), that’s why most organisations can’t afford them.

But you can count on us to represent you in Europe not only providing a workspace but also a business address, mail handling, phone line, etc.