Business Strategy

We help innovative teams to drive a profitable innovation

Idea to market
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We work with your team to generate solutions that creatively solve your challenges.


We help a concept or solution to evolve into a viable a business model in the most efficient way scaling innovative business into key customer demands.


Desing Thinking

Minimum Valuable Product


Scalable Model


Strategy plan
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We are experts implementing a Management System that optimises the processes of research, development and technological innovation, endorsed by global standards bodies and based on their guidelines.


We collaborate to transform processes and organizations to improve their R&D capacities by developing an innovation strategy that can be useful and drive company efforts into achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.


There are tons of techniques out there to stimulate out-of-the-box thinking. Let us be your innovation guide through this journey.

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Advisory and document preparation are key for programs such as HORIZONT 2020 or COSME and we offer a motivated and experienced group of professionals to increase your rate of success.


Our constant presence in the European Commission activities gives us an excellent perspective and let us connecting you with investors, Acceleration Programes and Business Angels networks.


Tax deductions and incentives: there are many formulas to benefit from the available deductions and incentives that could help you supporting most of your R&D efforts.


Document preparation


Tax deductions