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About Dissemination / Dissemination Events

We will help you ensure that project’s outcomes are widely promoted among the target audience you define.

The utmost purpose of our dissemination strategy is to realize effective communication activities, using innovative tools and professional mechanisms, in order to diffuse properly the desired outcomes to the targeted audience (industry, research centers, institutions, and policy-making authorities) with the ultimate goal to ensure the extensive use and long-lasting activity even beyond the end of the project.

From ‘labs’ to citizen – The Drone Valley and its international network of has a strong international presence in major EU events, Diplomatic events, Study visits, workshops, exhibitions & conferences.

We are 'the voice' and 'the eyes' of our Members with one goal: to succeed!

At Drone Valley we follow the European Commission guidelines and stay close to policymakers to adapt our strategy to the latest recommendations to grant the best standards and an unique support to the communication strategy.

We understand that Dissemination and Communication activities are of vital importance for each project (regardless its nature) in order to maximize the impact and trigger effects across the targeted stakeholders.