Project Management

We coordinate full projects and modular work packages

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We coordinate Partners and stakeholders watching over the correct and smooth execution of the scheduled work.


We will ensure that execution and activities stick to the planificationDepending on customers’ expectations, we can tailor our service to address all project management disciplines or focus on specific dimensions.


Public Funding and Open Calls

Internal Projects

Private and Third parties

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We are committed player in the team with a clear function: succeeding in the goal of delivering outcomes on time.


Our know-how in the sector and excellent performance point us as a strategic partner, helping you in building up the best consortium and supporting from proposal writing to execution and results exploitation.


Avoid losing time with non-core activities:



Document management

Meeting arrangements


Deadlines monitoring

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We have a proven track records on international programs like Horizont2020, SESAR or EIP among others as well as national/regional level or private projects. Our professionals use the latest management methodologies to analyze and perform actions based on Lean business solutions and Agile Methodologies to take advantage of the new technologies.


Involved in more than €30M projects over the last 3 years, in more than 14 countries, from sectors such as Transport and Logistics, Industrial, Healthcare, Energy or Agriculture. We have experience coordinating big size consortiums from partner prospection to writing proposal to final execution.


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